I joined bcuz I have so many weird symptoms and can't figure out wut it is.

• Rarely hungry (I don't feel hungry until late late at night usually. I can go all day without eating and not feel hungry at all)
• Always Tired (I can sleep for 5-14+ hours at a time and I still wake up tired. no matter how much or little sleep I get, I can fall asleep anywhere/anytime.) I'm not like falling asleep as I do things, but I always wake up tired and I can always go to sleep.)
• I wake up puking. (sometimes I go weeks without doing it and sometimes it's daily for a while. I puke in the morning and then I'm fine all day)

Anyone else experience this?


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  • Silvio


    Have you ever had anemia

  • Disciple


    I have heard from friends of mine that take methadone and that is exactly what it sounds like. I'm not being judgemental, just trying to help. May I ask how high of dosage you're on? My best friend is on 280

    • Goddess6917


      I'm only on 13mg. I would have assumed it was a methadone related situation if I was on a higher dose but since I'm only on 13mg i don't believe it has anything to do with the methadone

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