I was very recently diagnosed with POTS (less than a year ago). Does anyone have any tips for tolerating exercise for long periods? I’ve been using long compression socks, and trying to keep my liquid and sodium levels high but it’s going to be harder to maintain in the upcoming summer months.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • spookyspoonie


    Amino acid supplements might be helpful. My mom swears by one called Frog Fuel, it's designed by Navy Seals to get them through their extreme workouts. I can't stand the taste myself, but I know similar supplements are very helpful to athletes & POTS patients

  • Priscilla_Henry


    I always make sure to exercise inside as much as possible, so if something happens my bed is right there to relax. I’ve found doing biking is the best exercise for me so far. It’s slow and gentle but also gets the blood flowing through the body well, so it lessens symptoms compared to other exercises. I also drink lots of Liquid IV before and after exercise.

  • Zbra


    I physically cannot run with my POTS, so I do recumbent exercises instead. Rowing is great, and general body weight exercises have been more helpful for me than cardio

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