How is it like being in a mental hospital???


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  • ThereIsHope


    Hello, I have been in 3 facilities some a couple times. It is a safe space if your going for just an escape away from circumstances it is not for that it is to get stable Nd say i need help in these areas and take all the groups and therapy serious that is where the work really starts happening and be true to others and to yourself on what is happening. I hope this helps.

    • E_v


      this helps a lot :) thank you

  • Bipolarxo


    Depends. They abuse people and can be ruthless and not listen. Depends how in touch with reality you are or they think you are upon entering. I’m too spicy so they hated me a lot..

  • LisaSimpson


    I worked at one for several years. Just an FYI the workers are just as depressed and mentally unstable as the patients.

  • XoxoDanielle


    It helps I’ve been to the same place twice

  • Cvprisun


    never again

  • Sunflower_child


    I say never again due to where I was sent

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