I think I am bipolar I have all the signs and symptoms but yet every dr I go see just dismisses me and my worries I'm so frustrated idk what to do

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  • Pisforpotato


    I had the same issue. Would you like to message me and we might can discuss it and how to go about getting them to listen?

  • Alinaa


    You should try finding another clinic! The same happened to me and I got diagnosed almost right away

  • katitomato


    First, find a new doctor. Second, go into your appointment with a list of your symptoms and examples of those symptoms in your life. If you become manic when you’re given SSRIs, definitely bring that up because that is one possible symptom of bipolar specifically, and that is what has led multiple docs to diagnose me with bipolar when I often mask my symptoms subconsciously. If you still have issues, it’s all about finding a doctor who will actually listen to you which can be a hard journey! Good luck to you and hopefully this helps a little.

  • fuzzy419


    I would definitely recommend finding a new dr., specifically a psychiatrist and say you are looking to be diagnosed and that you have had bad experiences in the past. If they say they are willing to do that, then you should keep meeting with them. Also, it might be worth asking if you could try medications even if you arent officially diagnosed yet.

  • burgersoup


    seeing a psychiatrist specifically may help. i didn't know that i couldn't be diagnosed by a counselor and it can be hard to get a thorough diagnosis from a pcp

  • fibrozombie


    Unfortunately finding the right doctor may take time. ❤

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