how do you help a teen battling depression who refuses to talk to anyone including me or a therapist, I have it too but I see one, I don't know how to help without forcing it.



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  • WalmartGroceryBag


    Don't force yourself to share what's going on. Keeping things to yourself is hard, but journaling really helps. For me, after months with my therapist, I finally am opening up to him. You don't have to force being uncomfortable, trust us earned over time

  • SadWitch


    Be there as they need you to be, not as you think they need. Depression needs are different for everyone and therapy (as I'm sure you know) is so hard. Maybe try finding a way they can anonymously communicate with someone? I know my biggest fear as a depressed teen was that I'd be hospitalized without consent or forced into treatment, so i didn't talk about my issues out of fear of consequences

  • Animehoney86


    I just started lorazepam it work great even though I take a total 3 different medication 💊 and breathing exercise plus sitting outside for hours during the day plus taking to someone you know and trust personally

  • CassandraS


    I’m sorry it’s hard. Be patient be repetitive about being their for them and try your hardest not to judge them. As a person who dealt with depression as a teen I look back and wish I could have opened up but I was frozen and went mute. I remember screaming inside and not able to say anything. I now have a 12 year old and worry he will be the same.

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