I was taking Rosuvastatin 10 MG. I have been taking it about a year. I noticed that, when I first started taking it, it affected my memory. I quit taking it a week ago, and have already noticed the difference. I started taking New Age Fish Oil, mercury and gmo free. I just took one, dose is 2, but 1 dose is 1250 MG. any advice on supplements to lower cholesterol. I also.have started intermediate fasting, 3 months in, I have lost 12 pounds, so far, 155 to 143, goal is 132.



Occlusion of Cerebral Arteries

Omega-3-Triglycerides Incl.

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  • Shaolin


    I also had memory problems and stopped taking the statin I was taking. Later,(a few years), I had a mild stroke and was prescribed atorvastatin with 2 other meds. I had no memory problems. But I was also taking Vascepa, which is a fish oil mixed with another med. Maybe the fish oil prevents the memory loss caused by the statin.

  • Arranger


    Actually from reading what you wrote I think I may of had a stroke also!

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