have you found anything that helps when you're so emotionally exhausted it's hard to do anything? has anything helped you get better?

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • LittleCrow


    I get stuck in that pattern a lot. I've noticed that, for me, giving myself permission to take a nap sometimes helps me reset. I constantly feel like I'm go, go, go, and feel guilty if I sleep in or at all (thanks, childhood trauma!). I will set my alarm for like an hour, and allow myself that time to rest, but don't allow myself to keep resetting and going back to sleep

  • Derrick707


    Cuddling my stuffed animals or going on a hike :)

  • far.Skies


    Taking a nap helps for a bit. 🙌

  • beingnotseeming


    weight blankets, compression clothes and/or fabrics i really like, talking a walk especially if it’s in nature, taking a nap, listening to music for a while, trying to do something “extra” for myself

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