anyone else sexually assaulted (TW:)/r4p3d as a kid by their older cousin and just always joked about when you told anyone bc they would give you a weird look?

Sexual abuse

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  • MiriBekah


    Not necessarily like that, but once I came out about my sexual assaults some of my family members would joke about it and it really bothered me. I finally told them to stop. They continued to do it so I took myself out of their lives and then when it stopped, I started visiting and being around them again.

  • Mr._Meow


    Yes! My older and younger cousins both sexuality assaulted me and it makes things really awkward now.

  • vivica2


    Similarly, I have a nephew that's older than me and he sexually assaulted me when we were younger, I go to school with him and it's hard seeing his face every day. I also joke about it with my friends.

  • audRei


    I thought i was the only one. I played it off as a joke in 6th and 7th grade, but it was brought up in therapy just last week:)

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