I've tried different weightloss diets lose significant weightloss only to gain it back. I did a weightloss clinic where I was on protein bars and shakes for over four months. plateaued and have had a mental block since. How can I move forward

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  • Nyx.Saighdiuir


    Hi there! I've heard great things about intermittent fasting. Cut back on pop as well. Intermittent fasting can be useful to you, especially during work. I'd recommend looking into that. What is causing you to gain your weight back? Are you falling out of routine? Stay hydrated with lots of water. Drinking water before eating food can help with portion control. Also the size of plates and bowls matter! Use smaller ones to fill it with smaller sized portions. It tricks the brain into thinking you've got tons of food when you're actually cutting back a little.

    • MarleyG


      I second the I intermittent Fasting. It's the only thing that has worked long term as a life style for me.

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