what do you do when the depression feels like your being swallowed and your normal uplifting stims arent helping.... when the world feels so heavy yet so nonexistent.


Low Mood

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  • nutter


    When I feel like my depression is swallowing me while I just lay in a ball in bed till I feel like I need to prove that I can do something with my life.

  • MatchaBunn


    Yeah, when depression is this bad, I usually just lay down and take a nap. It doesn’t hurt, and sometimes that’s what my body needed.

    • Sylay


      sometimes i try to nap. But then my brain guilts me into thinking im being lazy

  • Lizardpeoplearereal


    I force myself to talk to someone or get some exercise outside if I can. Or sometimes I watch a familiar movie or listen to music that I like. Those things don't always help, but usually they can lift my mood a little.

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