Need some advice and knowledge on what to do about my diverticulosis. I’m getting nervous and worried that its something else, like colon cancer or something like that. Was diagnosed with it in 2018 , always had some dull pain on my lower left side of my abdomen with gas pains. That pain would come and go and wouldn’t really have any issues going to the bathroom , just little constipation and my stool where like ribbon shape. Now for the past couple months I’ve been getting the pain where I usually get it but now extending around my abdomen on the left side still leading to my back. Stool still ribbon shaped and then sometimes would change to a very loose diarrhea. Gas and bloating pains feel they also got worse . Just don’t know what to do anymore, it’s effecting my everyday life now. I do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, so this is just making it difficult for me to focus on daily life.

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  • Moochie


    Wowww!!! You sound like me …I don’t think it’s cancer tho get that thought out your head what are you eating lately ?

  • Tom_Tom


    I know , but every thing that happening relates to it so just can’t stop wondering if it’s colon cancer. But as far as what I eat , is I literally lower my intake because I would worry about making the pain worse. So I’ve been eating normal and just staying away from anything that has seeds. Today I was going to go on a liquid diet . Drink lots of water, cranberry juice, soup, jello and that’s its . that I tried already once before but takes forever to feel somewhat normal and drains the hell out of me lol. So after I do that I just don’t know what to do from there. Eat high fiber or low fiber . Because this pain keeps coming right back with now since the last few days nausea

    • Another_Joe


      so I used to have really bad attacks all the time. I have been symptom free ever since I have been eating post shredded wheat with oat milk and psyllium powder every morning. High fiber foods are the key. The cramping was from my colon trying to push and nothing there for it to push against. It was the opposite of what I thought. Also very important not to eat popcorn, seeds, seed shells, and anything that might scrape up the colon. Also eat moderate meals not snacks and not huge meals. This also keeps your digestive system on a schedule so it gets time to rest. And never hold you poop. If you have to go, then go never wait.

    • Moochie


      I’m having those same symptoms I went on to a liquid diet and I lost 15 pounds I’ve April like 10th - may10th I’m still getting nausea have you had a colonoscopy?

    • Wildfreedom


      , I had my first flare up that sent me to the ER. I was feeling pain around my left side, front to back. I was give antibiotics, pain meds, and anti- nausea medication. It's been a week now and I'm feeling much better but definitely do not want to experience that again.

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