Has anyone ever experienced romantic relationship problems stemming directly from your mental health issues? My most recent depressive episode made me argumentative. Not anything crazy— more like trying to debate things that don’t need debating. But it really got under my boyfriend’s skin after a while and it’s caused him to admit he’s fallen out of love with me. We’re still together and talk everyday, but we haven’t exchanged I love you’s ever since. To add to the fun, I found out he doesn’t love me anymore at 1am the morning of my birthday. Every time I try to bring up talking about where we are and what to do, he will avoid the subject. It definitely feels like we’re at a standstill. We’re also long distance. Help?


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  • shae


    Things like this happen to me too, I've had many people walk out because of the same stuff. What I did to help one of my relationships was I made him listen to me, I said why I was so offensive and irritable. We started talking more and now we are still dating. So my advice would to be to tell them about your depression and other mental health issues you have, talk to them about what this means and what your episodes may look like,tell them how they can maybe help, and just be communicative. IDK if this help 🤷‍♀️

  • MysticMisty


    It sounds like your boyfriend doesn't want to be kept. You cant keep people who don't want to be kept by you. I think you and your bf need to have a long chat. It is not fair to either of you to be in a relationship where one has "fallen out of love". A relationship requires effort from two people. If you're holding the majority of the relationship together, then it's not a relationship anymore. Communication is key. Listening is just as important. I hope you can figure this out, but the longer this isn't talked/resolved, the more problems are going to arise. Please take care

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