I have a new friend and I really like him, but we haven’t known each other long (like a month at most), and we’ve never had any super serious convos. My problem is I’m nonbinary, and I haven’t told him. I really want to, because I feel guilty hiding it from him. He’s so nice to me and he constantly talks about things he wants to do together. I’m so afraid if he finds out he’ll judge me and I’ll lose something that I’ve been having so much fun with! I don’t know what his views are on trans people… so I’m scared to risk it. But it’s also been keeping me up at night!
Any suggestions on how to break it to him? :(


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  • Conlarghezza


    If someone treats you differently because of your identity, they may not be someone you want to be friends with in the first place

    • Conlarghezza


      If you feel like you're safe to disclose that information, it might be a good idea to see if this is someone you want to maintain a friendship with

  • MissWilwarin


    If he judges you for being non-binary and has negative views of trans people, he’s not someone you should be friends with. I’d said tell him as soon as possible because you don’t want to spend more time getting to know him and getting emotionally invested only to find out he has these negative thoughts about gender identity.

  • pagan


    Imma be honest, the fear of rejection is always a big one but if you guys are really friends then I'm sure he will be accepting of it. My cousin told me about 4 years ago I can shove my gender fluid rainbow up my ass and well I haven't talked to him since then

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