Dissociation anyone? I recently was diagnosed with this due to past truama but am confused. Apparently i have PTSD as well, but aren’t they the opposite? If anyone can elaborate on their experience with this please do #ConfusedAndLonely

Chronic Neurotic Disorders

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  • Natasha_


    For me dissociation has been a major coping mechanism for dealing with trauma. Basically any time my brain gets over loaded it just shuts down. If my trauma gets really triggered for some reason I get sent into a severe dissociation spiral. I have been working on it a lot in therapy for the past two years and there’s actually been progress so I know there’s hope!

  • ValidationSystem


    As a kid, I dissociated to cope. I'm sure you did too. It's a survival tactic.

  • Elise_Laura


    Dissociation is a reaction to present trauma. This can be current or past. But if you presently aren’t going through trauma your brain may be used to certain patterns and leads to impaired functioning currently. That’s where someone should be aware of their stressors and patterns and get professional help.

  • lazydaisy


    @elissa so true…thanks 😥 🙏

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