Hi! My name is Tara and I have suffered my entire life unknowingly with ADD. I was diagnosed at the age of 35 (7 years ago). I have recently been doing alot of research and am wondering if there is any hope of living like a "normal person". I feel very alone and that no one understands me. Although Adderall definitely has helped me focus. sometimes it makes me a bit manic. I can feel myself spinning out of control- talking, over sharing (big issue) and just feeling like I will never get my sh*t together. Can anyone tell me what medications/treatments they've tried and if you've ever felt the way I'm feeling?




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  • maggiemae


    I can 100% relate to this. I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago and recently started learning more about it. It makes me feel incredibly different and there’s no way to explain it to someone that doesn’t live with the condition. So it can be very isolating. I’m taking Adderall now, but I’ve been taking it so long that it no longer has any effect on me, sadly. I have recently started seeing an ADHD Life Coach (she also has ADHD) that I found through Instagram and it’s helped me feel not so alone because I get to talk to someone that literally deals with my same issues. Know that you aren’t alone. The loneliness can be the worst part for me sometimes. Always here if you want to talk ❤️

  • Biddle


    I've been taking clonidine at night for a couple years now and it really helps me feel sleepy and it also takes a lot of the overstimulating edge off the Adderall. Lately I've been having trouble of I miss more than a couple days of the Adderall, when I take it again it is like WAAYY too much for a day or two. The clonidine really helps with that and it's an ADHD treatment! Absolutely not a doctor, definitely talk to your prescriber. But like, there are things other than stimulants that help!

  • Kishi


    Hello, I can definitely relate to that feeling but on a smaller scale from going through much of my school years with undiagnosed ADHD (and autism). I felt so lonely and misunderstood and it is definitely difficult finding the right medication/treatment for you. You likely already know this but just in case you don't, only take your medications on the days you know you will need it. Taking it everyday can build up tolerance and make it not work anymore. Also, I've found it to be very helpful to find people on the internet with ADHD who put out advice on structuring your day and environment to make it work for you. Our brains work differently than the brains of those without ADHD and taking meds without changing other parts of your life/lifestyle may not help much.

  • NelCat


    I watch a lot of YouTube videos on managing life with ADHD. There is some great resources on there!

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