I recently got married, started grad school, and moved to another state. I've been so stressed out from it all, and to top it off, I'm struggling to find a job. My spouse makes enough for us to get by okay, but I CANNOT sit around at home not doing anything. Feeling unproductive leaves me with zero energy, and I can't even make myself do household chores. I've thought about starting therapy again, but I don't have insurance right now and that shit's expensive. And I really don't want to get on meds again. I've had too many experiences with horrible sode effects. I just feel so worn down and I don't know what to do. Any advice?


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  • Laz_Arabella


    Maybe look into getting some dbt/cbt workbooks! It's what I did while I was in between therapists. It also sounds like you're burnt out from taking on so much at once! Maybe set a routine for what self care works for you. I just got out of a mental hospital so I have a few routines I'm starting if you wanna chat about it!

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