I was recently diagnosed with lichen sclerosus. since it is a rare disease I've had a hard time finding other patients to connect with. As a non-binary trans person, having a rare and chronic condition affect my genitals is especially distressing and I'm looking for anyone who shares that experience.

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  • kila


    Well I have keloid skin, so I can relate with that. I had to get mine removed 3 times... im still nervous that it will grow back 😓

  • Mommy_Dearest


    I was diagnosed a few months ago. Using topical steroids a couple of times a week. Has greatly reduced the itching. Because of the cream, it has made me hesitate to be intimate with my partner. You?

  • Fiddle


    I am a new diagnosis too. I know it’s a rare disease, but more and more women are getting diagnosed with it. I am a part of the vulvodynia group on Facebook. I took notice there were a lot of women getting diagnosed now. I wondered if I had it, and low and behold. I do.

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