what is one of your intrusive thoughts you didn’t know was an intrusive thought for awhile?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • royalty


    My health concern OCD. I thought I was just being dramatic but now I know that it's caused by disordee

  • Jadie


    If I scrape my fingernail on something and I dont press down on it, my nail with fall off. I touch something, I feel a vague sensation on my hands, so I wipe them on my pants even if I touched something dry, clean, and mine. Very sneaky OCD obsessions that have been consistent all my life.

  • Rasin


    this one’s a little heavy but i used to think i was a pedophile despite being disgusted with the thought of abusing a child when i found out it was due to ocd i cried because i realized that i wasn’t disgusting and that the intrusive thought didn’t mean i wanted to do it

  • clover99


    That's hard to say... I think of everything as a compulsion now. It's like my brain sees anything people do ( like sports people and their superstitions, any superstition honestly, and I think it's OCD.)

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