Hello hello, lovelies!! My name is Kitty, and I've recently (the past 6-8 weeks) been in abysmal pain in my back, to the point where most days I have trouble walking, sitting, and standing. I barely get through school days (oopsie!! forgot to mention that i am 17) and I have to go home most days because I can't stand the pain anymore. The spasms move up and down my back and into my arms, legs, and feet. I have just gone to the doctor for a third visit, today, because of my trouble walking and the weakness in my legs. However, each time that I go to the doctor, I am given a different muscle relaxer and a pat on the back and I am sent home again. This time, for the first time, in fact, I finally received and x ray to find out the cause of the pain (after being dragged around the room and having to be supported by two people to walk because of the pain and weakness, and even getting an x ray done was like pulling teeth). I fear that I will not be taken seriously until I am unable to walk. I am currently on three advil liquid gels, my newest prescribed muscle relaxer, and a shot which I unfortunately do not remember the name of. I still can feel the pain in my back, but it is a bit duller. I still have trouble walking and I still can feel the extreme locked-uppedness (is that even a word??) and tenseness of my back and limbs. My mother is a massage therapist and she has never massaged someone with a more tensed up back than I have. My muscles never relax and they never really have. I was ignored for most of my doctor's visit today and I feel that my only solution is to do something myself and wait until july for my breast reduction surgery. I am on Medicaid and I can only see this doctor in particular. How can I live like this, realistically, for 6 more weeks (until school ends)? How can I be up and out of bed? How can I get help before I am unable to walk? How can I exercise and lose weight like this? Any additional thoughts, best wishes, or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly for listening to my blighted hellscape of a story, haha. ;D


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  • Soskae


    Back pain I think is the downfall of the human species. I feel like it’s the most common debilitating pain and the least treated. Congrats on the upcoming breast reduction! If so much of my self confidence wasn’t tied up in mine I would go down a few cup sizes. (I’m a DD) I’ve only had an experience similar to what you are describing twice. My back got so tight I couldn’t stand up all the way so I had to walk around in a 90 degree angle and baths, pain meds, muscle relaxers, massages and chiropracting were not doing jack and the only thing that loosened it up was walking. It killed me because walking hurt more than anything but after 5 minutes of walking I could stand pretty much normally and I had an easier time breathing. I hope this helps you in some way and know other people here feel you!

  • Chainsaw


    Honestly, I'm not sure how I've made it the past 12 years. My severe chronic pain began when I was 15 and I'm now 27. After all this time, it seems that some days it's more of a mental game than physical. After all, we can only do so much to help our physical pain, and it's hard to avoid going down a dark path mentally. If we don't nurture our mental health, it can be our downfall. It's a slippery slope. My only good advice is to be kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up when life is the hardest. When your body is working against you, it's important to make a concentrated effort to nurture your mind. I think that's how we make it through.

  • notmia


    Im in a very similar situation, and i don't have much advice that you prob haven't heard. All i can say is epsom salt baths and heating pads have kept me going. You might want to look into CBD if you haven't already (just make sure it's good quality!)

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