I am taking 2-600mgs 3xdaily
I can't remember anything

Generalized pain


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  • Hyvlocty


    I take one 600mg. Supposed to help with nerve pain but dunno how much it really helps me. I can't remember things either. 😞

    • Army_Guy


      I take 600 twice a day

  • Lucia_Marie


    The gabapetin will affect ur memory. I was on 600 mg. 6 times a day.!I drop down to one a day. I was really concerned about long term affects on my body. I wish I could do w/o the one a day but the nerve pain keeps me up @ nite. 🤞 good luck 💕

  • LadyBraewood


    That's a really high dose. It exceeds recommended dosage and can cause synapse damage in your brain. I am down to 300 3x a day. I don't have any brain fog anymore.

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