I have such lower back pain. that is radiating pain all down my right leg. like pins needles . can't stand sit or walk far or long then the pain kicks in. like super bad.. feels like someone is punching me in. my thigh constantly.. hurts to lift foot off the ground to walk so I learned to drag it a little while using my walker or my cane. I'm only 40 years old. does anyone else have these issues? oh also hurts to sleep too .. so my sleeps been off for so long.

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  • ALD


    I’m a licensed massage therapist and I would suggest going to see a therapist. Sounds like sciatic nerve could be inflamed. Chiropractor can help as well. Used to work for one and see people with sciatic nerve pain so bad they couldn’t walk. Hope you feel better hun.

    • gummybearloves


      I would love to get a proper diagnose first... Before going to a chiropractor.. honestly I don't believe in them.. I'll do all exercises needed tho until we figure it out tho..

      • Sleepygirl73


        try the massage therapy. It helped me much more than any dr. This is how my sciatica feels when it acts up too. It is so painful. You can also google the tennis ball method for sciatica.

  • John_Wick


    Any reason why you don’t believe in chiropractors?

    • gummybearloves


      I just don't know.. I see that it's not a fix. I guess. Crack a back then they're good for awhile but then have to go back..

  • Trix17


    Get an MRI! Sounds like a herniated disc which could cause permanent damage if it is pressing on the spinal roots. Look up cauda equina syndrome. That is what I had and had to have emergency surgery. My symptoms were similar to yours. Except I had cold sensations down my leg along with burning pain.

    • KatCre


      agreed!! Get an MR!

  • chocolate50


    Trix17 hi I'm going through that same thing they wanna do surgery but I'm scared then I don't trust it

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