I get a drugged feeling randomly. My hands shake, my heart pounds, and I feel dizzy, hard to breathe etc.. I get the feeling right after drinking orange juice too! it's so weird. Anyone experienced something like this??

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Chronic Abdominal Distention


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  • Natalieisameme


    Orange juice is very high in acidity, and acid reflux can cause symptoms like this when bad. Make sure to note anything that makes your stomach hurt. In my case, acid reflux and these symptoms were the start of my gluten, lactose, and coconut allergy.

  • Natalieisameme


    To further on that, I started taking peppermint supplements as they really helped with stomach pain. I also started omeprazole which I believe you can buy off the shelves. All this helped me, but with what’s going on with you it could be related to those things. I would definitely seek a doctor because those are signs that could lead to very much anything including ibd.

  • GalaxyPanda


    My stomach doesn't hurt at all, and I drink low acid. I get a tingly drugged feeling..

  • Morticia


    Start keeping intake notes, all meds, food & liquid. Make sure to note how you feel after ingestion; you may begin to notice patterns. Make sure you're not taking or eating things with a questionable freshness; bf and I had a seriously pungent stomach issue pop up with a few items from our local food bank. I did a notebook for migranes during a 2-month long migrane so I could sort out med that helped & ones that didn't. I'm working on an arthritis log since my diagnosis this year.

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