I have an over powering fear of my loved ones dying and leaving me. I feel like they are planning to leave all the time and also leave like dying.


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  • JennyHeart


    I feel like that often. That sense of abandonment or being left behind is always there. I,, also feel like my significant other is cheating on me. Everyday, can't focus on anything because of it. It gets better though. I find that it helps to change habits and learn new skills. It's always good to work on you when everyone else seems to be in it for themselves.

  • Or


    I get this but not super often and it comes in many different facets. It is honestly helpful to know that this is just something I get a lot— as long as I’m not in active psychosis. I also have very strong relationships with the few people closest to me which is helpful. Overall I try my darndest at rationalizing all the time. Therapy helps, talking about it helps. Thoughts aren’t facts and I’m ill

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