How can you tell whether or not you actually want to get better or not? Recently I’ve been struggling a lot more with my mental health, adhd, depression, anxiety, SH and urges and I can’t tell if the voice that is telling me to cut or not take care of myself is the one telling me I’m ok living like this or if I’ve just accepted this as my life.
I have been doing things to get better but I still self sabotage and end up having more bad days then good. Does anyone else struggle with knowing whether or not they actually want to get better or not? And are there any tips to figure out how I’m actually feeling?

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  • Ryn.Beetle


    I struggle with this all the time, and honestly I think that there is just a part of me that is so tired and wants to give up. But it's not all of me. There is still a large part of myself that doesn't want to feel this way forever. You can be feeling all of this at the same time, as overwhelming and confusing as it can be. I use art to express and quiet these thoughts and feelings. Consider finding a creative outlet 🙂

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