I was on meds for my anxiety and depression for a while as well as my deficiencies, but it became too much to try to manage with a changing work schedule. I would like to heal my mind and body or at least manage it without meds. the side effects effected my ability to pay attention, short term memory, as well as my sex drive (so much so that I could not finish). I've been on the same birth control for about 12 years; it's supposed to be a low dose that focuses on helping with my iron.


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  • Meg678


    The meds did all the same stuff to me so I had to stop. Also, be careful with bc. Even a low dose causes estrogen dominance in women which can lead to a whole host of problems, including anxiety and depression. Look into brain retraining/neuroplasticity. I found I liked the Gupta Program the best.

  • PEPhoenix


    Have you discussed your concerns with your prescriber? I recently advocated that I cannot do SSRIs anymore, the side effects were awful and I was exhausted. I also want to have a healthy sex life! So I researched and asked for Wellbutrin, which I did well with. But also wanted ultimately to be off of meds. I am now focusing on more natural or holistic ways of treating my mental health with the help of my psychiatrist and therapist. Im a huge believer in therapy and self advocacy. It was very hard for me to say, hey doctor I can't orgasm and I'm miserable. Lol, but it's worth it. Good luck to you and know it's totally valid to want to treat your symptoms in a way that is best for you. Medication is just one tool in the toolbox.

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