My mom thinks I was miss diagnosed as a child they said I was type 2 but children don't get type they are typical type 1 and I am also on insulin I am just wondering do you all think I was miss diagnosed when they diagnosed my sugars where up in to the 500 I was constantly eating which in a sign of diabetes they pushed of testing me for everything until I was 3 or 4 I got on insulin when I was in 7th grade from what I can remember being a type 1 makes more sense to me what do yall think

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

Insulin Glargine

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  • Rachelle16


    When I was pregnant my blood sugar was high and they call that “stationary diabetic” because it happened with the pregnancy, but what I was told by my Dr is that I will most likely become a diabetic. He said some people stay that way after they delivered and some don’t, He also said you do not have to be a diabetic if you maintain a certain weight, watch your diet and exercise I should be fine. I was young and I didn’t not really understand what that was so I went by my life and I became a type 2 at 45.😩

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