I had a thyroid ultrasound that showed one of my nodules has increased 100% in volume in the last year. It also showed a possible parathyroid adenoma or an incidental lymph node. I had a parathyroid scan and an adenoma was ruled out. I asked my doctors office for clarification and they said that it is likely that it is a lymph node. So I'm half convinced I have stage 3 thyroid cancer. I've been trying to distract myself while waiting for the biopsy to happen. They said that we can figure out what to do after the biopsy which is on Monday. The waiting is so nerve-wracking. I also had a patch of petechiae on my leg last week. I don't know how it happened. I have had petechiae on my face so many times from throwing up, for a while it happened every time I would throw up, and that makes sense to me, it was from the pressure, but I am confused as to how it could happen on my leg. It can be caused by things like leukemia, lymphoma, and lupus. I'm mostly venting, especially because I'm not telling everyone until I know the biopsy results. Has anyone experienced any of this? How do you cope with waiting for a biopsy and results? Also, my TSH is back in normal ranges after just getting up to 18.2, but I am still so tired all the time and I haven't had an appetite in months, maybe years.

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