What’s the best advice you could give someone taking Vyvanse/Adderall ?


Vyvanse • Type: Oral

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Attention-Deficit Disorder


Lexapro • Type: Oral


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  • VentiGreenTea


    Drink lots of water take vitamins as it can sap nutrients due to its nature eat all your meals because it can make you feel nauseous if you don't Take days off from it if you need to. If you don't need that energy/focus on the weekend, don't take it then SET REMINDERS TO CONTACT YOUR PRESCRIBER FOR REFILLS this is like the Biggest thing since it's a controlled substance (not sure what the rules are abroad) and you can generally only get 30 days at a time. Running out when you need it is horrible.

  • TruebornA


    watch out for things like sudden uncontrollable movements/muscle spasms and if you notice them immediately bring it up to your doctor

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