Anyone lose their religion or question if God even exists or cares bc no matter what you do good or how much you praying and beg him for help. You get worse and never get an answer from him? I beg for him to take my life. And as bad as it sounds.. sometimes I feel like he’s leaving me here on purpose just to feel the pain instead of having it the easy way and die so i ain’t gotta deal w the shit even more. Something always goes wrong or gets worse. I expect nothing more. Doctors and God made me lose my hope.. I don’t even like saying it but damn. I don’t think he cares It’s how I feel

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  • MochiCalzone


    I've had a really hard time with my religion too. Its hard to see rn but it's going to be more clear down The road. I believe in go I just think God is really far away so you prey rn amd he can't hear you till he gets your preyer i think he gets it late and gives you blessings afte. It might not be helpful yo you rn but just know you're not alone I've thought about that so many times.

  • vanouri


    I don't believe in a God anymore, if I'm so loved why the hell am I in so much physical and mental pain? It's not making me stronger, just killing me slowly. I don't believe death is the way out though, there's little things to look forward to and live for. There's nothing wrong with questioning your religion due to your life experiences.

  • AmySue


    I completely understand. I used to be an extremely religious person and within the past 10yrs I’ve had a roller coaster relationship with God. Both my family and my in-laws are very religious. It’s hard when people “preach” to me about God and how’s he has a plan when the people preaching to me have never dealt with severe health issues. I’ve given myself the grace to be ok with not be religious right now, maybe one day I will be again but who knows.

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