does anyone know of any ways to help with joint pain? i’ve tried numerous things and nothing is helping and my guardian won’t bring me to the doctor because she doesn’t believe anything is wrong with me. i’ve tried tylenol and ibuprofen and that hasn’t helped, i’ve tried heat on them and it hasn’t helped, cold made them worse, i’ve tried gentle exercises and that made it worse, i’ve tried tumeric, vitamin b, vitamin d, vitamin a and c and it worked for a couple weeks but not it doesn’t (plus i throw up every vitamin i take now) i’ve tried warm showers, i’ve tried stretches, i’m trying to change my diet (but it’s hard) i’ve tried cbd and it takes an edge off but it’s still painful, i’ve tried everything i can think of and i’m so lost and i’m in so much pain that i literally cry about it now. does anyone have any ounce of advice even if it seems stupid? i need help

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • littlebug


    bracing if you can. you can get braces on amazon or drug stores. there's a supplement called PEA that i like a lot.

  • brookek99


    I use my TENS unit daily since they were released for consumer use. Before that my physical therapist used it on me during all my sessions. They’re relatively affordable at drug stores. It relaxes my muscles and keeps my nerves “busy” to keep the pain at bay

  • littlebug


    Oh yes TENS units are a life saver

  • hiphop5554


    I use bracing, crutches when it's hard to walk, and I try not to push myself to hard. Also I've found that taking one Tylenol and one ibuprofen helps much more than them by themselves. Remember that you are valuable and you are not going crazy or "making this up". You can do this

  • Bijoux_bean22


    Tylenol, cbd salve, regular joint salve, Dermatrophen*, listening to your body. *dermatrophen is a supplement my naturopathic provider recommends to support joints and collagen. She also has EDS but her story is very different from mine. In the end, you just have to find what works for you. Mobility aids are also super helpful.

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