So I've been feeling paranoid around people, like everytime I walk by someone I get scared and I always get nervous when someone stares at me, and do you guys know how to cure it?.

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  • avian


    i get this too. it gets to the point where if someone is staring at me, making lots of noise, etc. i get really paranoid intrusive thoughts about them trying to attack me or something. i've talked to my therapist about it and for the most part, distress management techniques and grounding exercises are the best things that can help short term. personally, i always listen to music when i'm out so i have something else to focus on and don't get overstimulated as easily

    • Zeze


      thank you for the share I really appreciate it and I will try to do these kind of things but the only problem is that sometimes music makes me angry :/

  • In_vino_veritas


    Listening to music makes me feel more vulnerable to some one sneaking up on me 😰 I've found that carrying some form of protection (pepper spray etc -where legal, of course), trying not to go anywhere alone (never at night), crossing to the other side of the street when I see someone coming towards me, trusting my gut feeling no matter how socially awkward it may seem, and keeping my phone unlocked with a "9" already dialed when I'm really feeling worried. I haven't been able to yet but I think taking a martial arts course would give a sense of empowerment that could help too - I'll post about it when I get into one :-)

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