I don’t mind having this MS at all tbh because basically it’s only affected me physically like I can’t run or walk well and I can’t any physical activities but I primarily derive joy from the mental stuff I do like writing and coming up with philosophies (I have 60 on my JR_Theories Insta) or I compose music or make films and so I really don’t need my body for much more than just walking (even if it’s not that good) and I need my hands too

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • specialCharlee51


    I thought that too but I wasn't prepared for just how jealous I'd become simply watching people walk! Friends (real ones) don't get it. That whole "just try harder" attitude. Impatient with my slowness and last minute change of plans because I'm exhausted.

    • TheLeoLady


      can definitely relate with that. I am an introvert, a homebody type... but it's different to go if you want and you don't go...because you can... but now,I no longer drive and it's just so exhausting to get up and out and trying to not feel everyone is waiting on me. Gives me anxiety. I rather just stay home.

  • Chan



  • specialCharlee51


    You must be able to hear yourself. Listen to your body. Do what makes you feel good. I'm a sports car kind of woman, and my mustang misses me. So I'm learning how to use hand controls since my feet clearly aren't getting much done these days. It's actually very easy. I can drop the top on the car and go. The wind in my hair clears my head out.

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