hi everyone. i am new here. i live in the uk and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in august last year (2022) 😳
along with my other conditions i have had issues getting used to the long term changes i need to make. is there anyone here who can help me reduce my pain and increase my ability to stay at work??

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Zeeloo


    I make myself teas and smoothies with turmeric, nopal cactus and raw pineapple (active pain fighting ingredient being bromelian). Those, I also take in capsule form when I'm not well enough to prepare the ingredients freshly. I take long frequent Epsom salt and magnesium baths and I've found that I can usually withstand hotter temps if I get down into the tub and fill it once I'm in there, instead of trying to step in after it's already filled. I use heating pads at night and then the self warming patches or portable heating pads, during the day. They have them now with battery packs that will wrap around knees, lower back or elbows. B.C powders are hard on the stomach but can come in handy during an acute attack that's unbearable. And I use kratom leaf on my days that are expected to be busier than usual, but I only use it no more than one time a day for no more than two days back to back because it can cause severe constipation, and actually lose it's effectiveness if used more often and I've had my pain become intensified when it wears off, if I use it more than that. Some ppl can also develop a dependency on it. Also cinnamon, clove and frankincense oils help me when mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into joints and muscles. **Disclaimer** ALWAYS check for med interactions before using supplements or kratom. I hope some part of this helps. Sending healing hopes your way.

  • nuttynurse


    Thank you soo much. I will look to see if i can get the more rarer ingredients near me. I already use turmeric in 50% of my meals to help. I just expected more understanding from nurses, i hope you are having a low pain day xx

    • Zeeloo


      thank you❤️

    • Raquel226


      Hi and welcome! I can relate to what you said about people not understanding how we feel. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 19 (24 years ago) when most people including healthcare professionals didn't believe it was real. This site can offer a lot of support though, and I hope it helps. Good luck!

  • Pain_Warrior89


    Hi I'm in uk too, had fibro a long time...I ended up having to give up work. I'm on alot strong meds including morphine. If I was gona be 100% honest I'd say just enjoy your job while you still can.i miss mine so much



    Yoga and meditation are very helpful as well.

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