im on disability and I don't drive I hope I to feel needed by the right person I am way too sensitive and I barely connect with my son when I go to visit him at his dad's he is a teenager I am glad to have a partner whom I live with i just need to vent thank you for reading 🙏 ❤

Occlusion of Cerebral Arteries

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    Hello persistent. I too am on disability with an array of health problems, crazy meds, normal meds, and some in between. Lol. I totally understand where you are coming from. I had a stroke several years back at the ripe ole age of 32 that left me without being able to drive for a while, but as I persisted and As I kept on trying to get better, I finally got to where I could drive again. I too have a son and I too have been in a divorce. My situation I’m sure is a bit different than yours being that my son is now 18 and his father only has 2 yrs to live due to the dx of colorectal cancer. The advice I can give you is that children will break your heart in ways that seem too unbearable to take but then when they need something or someone they will come back. Just try to keep the communication lines open with him so that he continues to know that you love him. With your divorcee, do the same. Maybe he can see it in his heart to bring the boy by to see you if you expand on your situation with him. I hope it gets better for you, all my best…

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    Thank you for sharing ❤️

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