I feel like mental health places don't care as much as things should. I had one doctor use me as a guinea pig swapping from medicine to medicine and one made me manic. I was crying and felt like I was going crazy. I called my doctor at the time to try and figure it out on what to do next. It went straight to voice mail and I didn't get a return call until hours later. I could have killed myself in the time it took for them to return the phone call and I believe I remember leaving a voice mail trying to explain it while in tears.
I'm not saying seeking help doesn't work, I'm saying they need to step their game up if they want less suicides. just screaming into the void


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    I find that most of the time there's questionnaires to fill out so they could properly diagnose us or our family members. But sometimes people don't answer the questions honestly and they may not get the proper help. My husband has bipolar one and other health issues and through research and homework I know it takes time to match up medications to a person. My depression itself can go from one extreme to the other and when we do cry out for help in different ways it is sad that people won't listen or be there for us

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