Hi. I'm 16 and a gay dude. I'm also homeschooled, which kind of sucks because they're very fundamental Baptist Christians. My only social interactions are church activities or small activities with friends from church. 🙁 I'm still in the closet...
nobody knows that I'm gay. Only my mom knows that I cut myself, not because I told her, but because I think she suspected, and she grabbed my wrist HARD and forced me to show her. So I did.
Anyway, one of my only "friends" is extremely homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. No one likes him and he has like one friend. I always stick up for the underdogs, so I tried to be friends with him. However, he was straight up making fun of people who cut, saying they're just "f*ggots Looking for attention"

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  • Kailey


    Jeez what the f*** ok first of all I’m proud of you for coming out of the closet to us. Second don’t listen to him he’s dumb and doesn’t care to understand or learn what it’s like to feel like that. As for your mom forcing you to show her by grabbing your wrist hard is unacceptable, you were put in a situation where you felt uncomfortable with things like cutting or being gay you need to be in a comfortable situation and on your own terms I’m so sorry you had to deal with that s**thead but you got this I believe in you

  • BHC


    Hey I know it's hard coming out of the closet. And your mom seems like a bitch (sorry for my language). Honestly I'd ask to go to school and if they ask you why you want to do school just say because you should have more of a social interaction. They will try to use manipulation tactics but don't feel too bad about it. You are 16 and should have more of a life especially with not much longer of your younger years. When you are 18 then you should have freedom but until then just ask to go to school. Your mom shouldn't have done that and if that ever happens then call the police or the Child Protective Services. And drop that friend. You shouldn't be around people who are homophobic, racist, or anything like that bc that's discrimination. And you aren't doing that for attention especially if you haven't exactly told anyone until now. Also I support 🖤 if you ever need someone to talk to please talk to me I'll do my best to be on here a lot

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