how can I stop myself from splitting

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • bambiii


    by using the stop skill!! stop, take a step back, observe, and proceed mindfully! it’s hard.. but just like anything it takes practice and you’ll eventually get better at catching yourself in these ‘splits’.

  • spacy_bp1_transmasc


    cbt is the only thing that has helped me. also trying to have good communication with the person once you are out of the heat of the moment, and trying again later if it goes badly again. splitting means someone is important to you, whether you feel good or feel bad about them ❤️

  • Mollywhopped


    I’m very philosophically minded so non-dualism has helped me a lot. The idea is basically that all separate things aren’t actually separate, and are actually one thing. Think of the yin-yang, black and white may be opposites but they define one another, black is integral to what makes white white and vice versa. And ultimately black and white aren’t objectively real, they are relative. You can always make something darker or lighter to make a black or white look like a grey, because ultimately it’s all grey.

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