How did you deal with doctors who may have told you it's "all in your head" or something similar? I'm struggling trying to find care. :(

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  • Ariemb


    For me I just won’t see them after that. They make you feel so guilty and I just can’t handle that and I know it’s not good for me

  • LovelyDarkness


    My dr tried to make it seem like it was my anxiety until I broke down sobbing and explained the pain but I had to see him multiple times before he finally diagnosed me

  • DangerNoodle


    While in a mental hospital I somehow started a boycott of a specific doctor. She showed us pictures of kids in poverty smiling and having fun. She then asked us questions, when it came to me I explained that I was jealous of the kids because they were able to be happy. Her response was something along the lines of we were choosing not to be happy and blah, blah, blah. We all ignored her for the rest of her time with us. Some even raised their voices at her👀

  • Ashleyphoenix


    Find a different doctor that will listen and help you!

  • MomBrain


    Definitely find a different doctor! You deserve to have a doctor that takes your symptoms seriously❤️

  • ___


    Not me, but my sister went to multiple doctors and one in particular said that she had an ED and anxiety and nothing else. Then she saw an allergist who found she was allergic to all of the foods she was eating most frequently. Then she saw a different rheumatologist and he quickly diagnosed her with lupus. When you find the right doctor it is worth it. And sadly, you do need to advocate for yourself a lot of the time to get the care you need. I wish you luck!

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