when i get really depressed it's hard for me to clean.. I'm drowning in my messy apartment and it just makes me feel more depressed. does anyone have any tips on how to motivate myself?


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  • Ezra_Noel


    Sometimes I blast music that makes me want to get up do things & start slowly picking things up around the house instead of jumping right into it

  • Gooper


    For me it usually takes some sort of outside force to get me motivated ( like an apartment inspection). I start from one side of my room or a corner. Sometimes just being able to see the floor in that one corner is enough to motivate me to continue!

  • jeb


    I wish I had more motivation as well, usually for me it just gets so bad that I can't stand it anymore and starts driving me crazy and then I'll clean ha

  • Kella


    Hi friend, I have OCD so not being motivated to clean is never an issue, however sometimes it can be intimidating as to where to start. I would suggest to start with one small thing. Like maybe the kitchen table. When you feel good with that, maybe the bathroom or just sweeping the floors. Those tiny steps will add up over time. Sometimes I even make a list to check off that gives me a visual aid that Iโ€™m doing alright ๐Ÿ‘

    • poptart1994


      this helps so much, thank you โค๏ธ

  • Donelle


    I get the same way. I start small. When I go to the kitchen I will grab one thing that belongs in the kitchen or was a couple dishes. If I am going to the bathroom I will wipe the sink down when I wash my hands. You are still accomplishing something and it all starts to add up. Even a little bit helps when everything feels too overwhelming.

  • laceyandme


    I get so bad i dont shower for days but thats also my schizophrenia too but maybe you can try cleaning small areas a day instead of the whole thing at once

  • KirbyWirby


    I draw a diagram of my room and label which spots I'm going to work on in which order to help me not feel overwhelmed, or I'll make a list on what categories of thing to do (like, 1. Pick up trash, 2. Put laundry in basket, ect)

  • cbhx13


    Music. Taking a moment for yourself. Do something that you know will bring you joy. Play music or tv in the background while you clean. Set small goals for yourself. Day 1 clean the bathroom & then relax and do something you love (maybe find a new show!)

  • Niz


    My best advice is move one thing, put one thing where it belongs. Celebrate every small victory. Put some background noise on, and do something simple, like a load of laundry in the wash, or putting one clean shirt up, or even just moving dirty clothes to one area. Any order to the chaos helps in my opinion. I live in limited space, and frequently get overwhelmed with the mess.

  • kadin97


    I struggle with this so much between the depression anxiety and add its a challenge. I have definitely not mastered it (my house is a disaster right now ๐Ÿ˜‚) however I am far better than before. I set a timer for 20 minutes and put on loud music and clean its usually a unorganized disaster lol. Regardless of what I get done I stop for 15 minutes and do something not boring a mobile game part of a TV show etc. Whatever you enjoy. Then repeat. I do that until I get a little too overwhelmed and stop. I realized that trying to push past it usually made me depressed and do even less. Basically doing something is always better then doing nothing. The end result is if nothing else it looks way better than when I started. Good luck!

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