So, I am freaking out. I saw something last night about 3G will stop working, eventually, that every electronic will, that text, call, data, everything will stop with the cellphones that are not voLTE. I have no income. I'm trying to get disability, because I do not believe I can mentally handle a "real job". That all is a process. I have foodstamps and Medicaid. I know a little about free government cellphones, but the problem is I have used Straight Talk for many years. I am use to Samsung cellphones that are S6 and S7. The free program with Straight Talk seems to not have unlimited call minutes. That could be a problem, because how I have to do therapy at times, so on. I have no idea which free government cellphone programs are good and not scams. I also have no idea which will have AT LEAST as good of signal as my Samsung Galaxy S7 does here. I live in Colorado.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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