I had a surge of energy yesterday. my pan level was bearable so I kept starting one project afte another not finishing anything then realized becausei have been sedentary lately after 7 minutes standing myback ws on fire I couldn't stand up straight to sfinish a darn thing I'd rest gt back up within 7 minutes almost fall down. it's very frustrating icoundnt even lay down in my bed and sleep last night.today I feel as if I climed the ighest mountain. can't seem t get out of this cycle where nothing gets done and I feel so powerless to fight through the pain

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  • NelsamWhiskers


    I totally understand. I wanna clean my room, reorganize my furniture, and do some simple DIY projects but I struggle just getting myself food going to the bathroom and doing the basic self care things to get me through the day. I don't want to be sedentary because sitting hurts standing hurts and sometimes even laying down hurts

    • Rainyblue673


      I know all to well sir what you mean. I'm still paying 2days after my energy surge and it could be 4 or 8 day before I feel any better and I have to look at all these half done chores

      • Mare1042


        oh wow. That’s exactly how I feel on a daily basis for the past eleven years or so. I can’t get anything accomplished. My house is a mess. I keep up with the kitchen most of the time and the laundry. I keep up with the care of my three Frenchies and two of them require a lot of extra care and cooking meals for them and for my husband now and I’m struggling with that much. I also know what you mean about having a day that you feel decent enough to push thru so you do and there’s SO much to do that you start too many things at once then crash and can’t finish any of it and then it takes a minimum of two days to recuperate if not longer and by then anything you DID accomplish gets undone and the other stuff piles up and you have more to do than you did on the day you started. And then you just cycle in that mode over and over and the undone stuff that still needs doing, piles up more and more. Ugh. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I used to clean an entire house and two very messy kids bedrooms and organize everything in less than 24hrs. I want that person back!

  • ArkansasGirl


    I'm so the same as yall. Y couldn't our bodies and minds be good and let us get together like this and have some fun..lol. so frustrating.

  • Betty_Boop


    I've been that way lately! Quit smoking! Was going to go to Georgia to see my daughter , family and my son was coming from Virginia to her house for Christmas! Now I can't go! They finally decided to do a CT scan of my neck where they did extensive surgery z2 years ago and been complaining ever sense but didn't and now they tell me I have 2 fractures above that! We're you in a accident, did you fall ECT and I said NO! I've been trying to tell you guys and nobody listen! I got surge of we energy right before I heard about it!

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