Turns out I don’t have RA, but my Sjorgens is giving me RA symptoms. I guess its good I only have Sjorgens but still sucks to be going through this. Just wanted to share.

Sjogren's syndrome (SjS, SS)

Diffuse connective tissue disease


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  • Andi71


    Sucks when your symptoms mimic other crap…. I have over the years developed secondary complications. I now have fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis… last year I was diagnosed with lymphedema and insulin resistance…. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a cardiologist. I’m fed up with so much stuff being wrong with me. I’ve become tired and exhausted and overwhelmed.

  • LB


    It really is beyond difficult to have faith in your body when it feels like it’s just broken & it feels like there’s always something else wrong or going wrong. I hope your cardiologist appointment goes well though despite all of the sucky stuff

  • TiffanyAnne


    So many of these ailments “mimic” each other. It’s sooooo frustrating!

  • LaurElizabeth


    I just got sjogren’s dx not long ago it is hard I been told I have so many diff things hope you feel better soon

  • Wrenny


    I think most doctors truly know what we have. I have a positive Rh factor which is usually a marker for RA but it’s never mentioned. I was diagnosed with Sjögren’s 13 years ago but then another doctor said I didn’t have it and threw my medication away. It turns out that I do have it but wasn’t treated until a hear and a half ago. That was just enough time to develop complications. I’m an RN but we are not taught about autoimmune diseases except for a three line blurb in the textbook.

  • Wrenny


    Truly do NOT know 😥

  • OtterNonsense


    I've wondered for a while if my RA diagnosis was incorrect. Most of symptoms seem to be linked more to SJS than RA.

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