Hello friends… I’m glad to join this app and meet other people that could share my condition or something similar. Since 3 years ago I developed this skin sensitivity in different parts of my body. It feels like a bad sunburn. One day I can get it in some parts of my arms or sometimes in one of my legs or one side of my rib or lower back. These symptoms come and go there are days that I have no symptoms. As time passes by it seems as I have them less and less but doctors have not been able to diagnose my issue yet. I noticed if I eat unhealthy or get over emotional stressed push myself too much at the gym working out the symptom shows up and the skin disturbance level can be anywhere from 1-10 in intensity. If anyone else shares something like my symptoms please reach out. I really want to find out what is the root reason of my issue. Thank you.

Disturbance of skin sensation

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