Hi i’m new here! been struggling a lot lately with mental and physical health and i’m just hoping to connect with some people who can offer advice or just to chat with back and forth!


Nausea and Vomiting

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • Skyfire


    Hi it's nice to meet you! I have experience with migraines I'd be glad to chat about it or just life stuff. I work a lot but I try to keep up on conversations as much as I can.

    • mmxyfield


      Nice to meet you as well! Speaking of work finding a job is something that’s been really difficult! i have severe nausea so sometimes i really can’t work through a migraine and a lot of workplaces aren’t willing to accommodate chronic pain and it’s frustrating. I’ve also just been missing out on a lot of life stuff due to headaches which is bumming me out lol

  • Skyfire


    I totally understand, I use to have to run deli counter with migraines and it was terrible! I push through a lot more than I really should because I legit can't afford to even miss a day at work 😥 I'm fortunate to have a boss that overlooks my slacking on my bad days and my migraines are pretty much under control now but not gone completely

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