Why do doctors want to treat depression before they start considering neurological disorders (adhd etc)? They say it’s so they can “rule the depression out” but I feel like it fails to factor in that symptoms of neurological disorders left untreated can result in psychiatric disorders. Maybe my depression is so treatment resistant because it takes me three hours to do a thirty minute task and I’ve been living this way since childhood, and maybe my bpd developed from abuse as a result of this reduced efficacy. Like I understand that you want a plan of action but why the resistance to the plan where you take my concern about my cognitive symptoms seriously? I feel like a lab rat instead of a patient.

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Entropyluna


    Ask them to consider depression as a symptom, not the condition. Or ask them for a differential diagnosis. Let them know that depression is caused by most mental disorders, and you feel that the depression isn't the cause of your struggles

  • minime273


    I've heard it said before that if depression is treatment-resistant, it might be a symptom rather than a standalone disorder. Sometimes you have to treat the environment or the other conditions in order for the depression to cease. Good luck

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