I started taking venlafaxine about a year ago and am now weaning off it due to anorexia side effects. Eventually, I just stopped taking it. I am prescribed Clonazepam to take the anxious edge off but it only works when I am mildly anxious. I feel like I need something stronger. Has anyone tried Clonazepam and found better results with a different benzodiazepine?



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  • CherryBunny


    Im sorry that’s happening for you :( I have had clonazepam for my panic for many years and I find it works well for me. And I’m currently also on Effexor (aka venlafaxine) and I am currently in recovery from AN. But I did find cymbalta helpful when I used to take that but I had sexual side effects that I couldn’t deal with so I switched. I do recommend that for anxiety!

  • ChronicallyChaotic


    CHERRY! Hi! I’m josie! Please be careful with the Effexor. For me, it caused a form of anorexia that I could not control, fix, or recover from without getting off the medicine. I am still dealing with the appetite effects of Effexor.

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