I recently got out of a very toxic relationship with a person I had no similarities with. I started a new job and met a guy who I felt gave off very good energy and we started talking. Here I am now thankful to whatever's out there that our paths collided. We are so similar it's scary, we talked to our boss and the owner SHIPPED us. He was more excited than us. I'm so happy I met this man and so so thankful that he gets me and the way my mind works,but I worried that I might split on him and hurt him. I pray that my toxic past and triggers don't stand in the way.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Elianah


    Use dbt skills!

    • Grungypumpkin


      I always try but sometimes the old me comes out and I can't control her. It's like watching myself self sabotage behind the scenes.

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