⚠️Content Warning: A Harmful Tic or Stim is mentioned. I want to add this, just in case.

I have a question. I have a, I believe, stim or tic (I am still confused on how to tell the difference.) where I bite at my hand. I have tried necklaces that are meant to be bit, but most of the time my brain makes me go to my hand before I can think about the necklace being on. There were times where trying the necklace was not enough, and I bit my hand still. One of my doctors told me that maybe I should try something that feels like I am biting into a hand. My question is, what in the world do I look for? My hand is pretty bony and slightly squishy, if that helps? She was saying the size and texture, but I really have no idea what to try to Google. Sure there are fake hand decorations for Halloween and such, but I do not think I can bite into that the same. I know this may sound like a really bad joke, but I am being honest. I really have no idea how to find anything like what she suggested.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Stobotnik


    First, a stim is intentional, a tic is uncontrollable (but can be suppressed). This sounds like a stim. And I bite my hands too! What worked for me is ARK’s chew necklaces on a softer toughness.

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    This also sounds like a stim to me. I do this as well. What I do is edible bracelets. That way when I’m bringing my hand to my mouth the other option is right there so it’s easier to remember!

  • QueenXena


    Sounds like a stim to me. Maybe a kind of plastic rod wrapped in silicone? Like the bendy things you can use to close bags, they have a wire in the middle to hold its shape. I hope that makes sense.

  • Remkle


    There are pretty realistic feeling silicone hands on Amazon.

  • DrawsFelix


    Have you tried work out gloves? Maybe it's a good 1st step.

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