Sometimes I’m genuinely so uncomfortable I don’t know what to do. I’ve been diagnosed for 3 years now and I’m on medications, etc. but there’s no where in my house I’m ever just comfortable and I end up just laying on the floor with my acupressure mat or the bed with ice. It’s either a migraine, my neck, or I’m just uncomfortable in my own body.

Anyone have any suggestions on relief? Or how do you get comfortable at home when you’re trying to relax?

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  • BonnBonn


    I use lots of pillows, of varying types and sizes, in bed or in my recliner. Also towels or other cloth items to help elevate certain areas depending on what’s needed. And some days I just don’t get comfortable. I know how exhausting it is.

    • QueenieLala


      so true. It’s like I’ve spent so much on things to get comfy at this point some days I just won’t. Haha

  • HannahL


    I totally get this feeling. On days like this I tend to take a lot of really hot baths. I sit in there for 10 minutes, dry off and lay in my bed. Sometimes without even putting my clothes back on. It relaxes me and allows for at least a modicum of comfort temporarily. Also it might be time to talk to your doctor about a pain killer. Something mild in comparison to others, like tramadol. Not quite Vicodin so they are more likely to prescribe. That’s what I take on bad days. Definitely helps a lot!

  • ginkgowink


    I totally know the feeling. Some of my worst days are when I’m just overwhelmingly uncomfortable rather than in severe pain somewhere. It drives me nuts! It’s easy for me to start panicking a little when this happens, and that of course makes it worse. I’ve found listening to binaural beats (SleepTube on YouTube is my favorite) can help me relax and zone out. There’s also some studies that have shown theta binaural beats can decrease pain levels. I think it has helped my pain, but mainly it helps calm and distract me when I can’t do that on my own. I also like to use a heating pad to give me another nicer sensation to focus on. Laying down on my heating pad and listening to binaural beats in headphones is my go-to. Sometimes a very distracting tv show can be helpful, so I’ll put on cozy clothes and use the heating pad and zone out to tv. I’ve also learned sometimes I’m really really uncomfortable because I haven’t stretched in a while. Doing really gentle stretches from bed can sometimes help. And making sure I’m well hydrated and have had food and whatever meds I can also helps. Hope you find some relief 🫂

    • HannahL


      your SleepTube suggestion reminded me that ASMR helps too! After the bath and stuff laying in bed with headphones on listening to ASMR helps! Headphones are an important part! It’s really weird to listen to at first and might take time to find which types of sounds work for you. But it’s crazy how much it calms me and even lessens pain sometimes!

  • Kinter


    Lots of pillows, stretching, tramadol, heat or ice, and also a 3 inch foam mattress topper from Amazon have been my main pain management tools!

  • TheMoonGoddess420


    Medical Marijuana if you are in a legal state. It really does help as well. ☮💙🖤💜🕯

  • spider_girl917


    Blanket, pillows, heating pad, a cup of your favorite hot drink and marijuana if it's available and legal in your area.

  • Nikki7113


    I got diagnosed 2 years ago and im starting to be the same

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