I never enjoy sex. It does almost nothing for me and I love my boyfriend but we've exhausted everything and though I feel urges I never feel anything and i'm wondering if it could have to do with my depression. Anyone else with PDD get this?

Dysthymia (PDD)


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  • Moth.Sleeps


    I relate to this heavily. I've honestly stopped trying because even if it's something I want to do, I don't ever enjoy it actually happening.

  • LilithTheFae


    Are you perhaps asexual?

  • lolopie3333


    No like i'm a very sexual being and I initiate sexual behavior all the time but it's a shot in the dark as to whether i'll enjoy it when it happens.

  • Licia


    I highly suggest the book Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski. It’s really helpful in helping specifically women understand their sexual desire. I would also look at side effects of any meds you are taking.

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